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Clogau Gold Wedding Ring

Clogau Gold Wedding Rings

Clogau Gold sell a range of wedding rings to suit all tastes and budgets. Due to the expense of mining Welsh gold (£1000 / ounce), and its rarity, only a small amount of Welsh gold is included in each wedding ring. Even so, based on current estimates, all the Welsh Gold will be used up by 2016, making it the rarest gold in the world.

The Range

Clogau Gold make a range of wedding rings in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. There are the traditional gold bands and wishbone rings, together with more contemporary and unusual designs including, at the time of writing, a yellow and rose gold tree of life wedding ring, a 9ct yellow, rose, white gold and diamond Windsor Russian wedding ring and a silver and rose gold ivy leaf wedding ring.

Clogau Gold Wedding Rings in yellow, white and rose gold

UK based, worldwide delivery is available.

By Royal Appointment

Clogau Gold Wedding Rings are made by royal appointment. Did you know, that since 1923, the royal family have been wearing wedding rings made from single gold nugget that was extracted from the Clogau Gold Mine?

The tradition started with the Queen Mother, upon her marriage to King George VI. The Queen followed her mother’s newly started tradition, and had a ring made for herself from the same nugget for her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Other royals who have followed this tradition include Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Camilla and the newly married Kate Middleton. Yes I know she’s the Duchess of Cambridge now, but we all still think of her as Kate Middleton, don’t we? Prince William has chosen not to wear a wedding ring himself. However, there is only a tiny amount – one gram – of the original nugget left.