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Swarovski Sensation Pendant and Earring Set Swarovski Sensation Pendant and Earring Set

Swarovski Sensation Pendant and Earring Set

This set comprises a gold plated pendant and matching earrings. The pendant and earrings are pear shaped, set with a large clear pare shaped crystal and surrounded by clear crystal pavé. There is also a larger clear round crystal at the top of the earrings, and the pendant is attached via a crystal and pavé embellished link.

Ideal for any occasion, I don’t think there is anything that wouldn’t go well with a gold and crystal necklace. Certainly, it’s perfect for teaming with a little black dress when it’s party time, but it also looks good with smart daywear as well, and would be great to wear for a summer wedding or race day.

Swarovski also have some further accessories to match this set – if you need a watch, then look to the Piazza Gold PVD watch with a crystal mesh strap; if you need a bag, look to the Signature Power Evening Bag, a handheld clutch with an outer made from Golden Shadow crystal mesh and if you need a bracelet, look to the Ready Bangle, which is gold plated and embellished with clear sparkling crystals.

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Angelic Sapphire Set

Swarovski Angelic Sapphire Set

Swarovski Angelic Sapphire Set

The Swarovski Angelic Sapphire Set is a stand alone pendant and earrings set. The earrings are for pierced ears. The pendant and earrings are set with a large, round sapphire Swarovski crystal, which is surrounded by clear Swarovski crystal pavé. The set itself is in a rhodium plated setting, and the pendant is hanging on a snake link chain.

Perfect for a girl with blue eyes, this pretty Swarovski pendant and earrings set is a stunning way to enhance and captivate at your next social gathering. The set looks particularly good teamed with blue, or lighter colours such as nude pink provide an interesting contrast. They’re not just for evening wear either, as they even enhance a skinny jeans outfit with a touch of Swarovski luxe.

Worldwide delivery is available.



Swarovski Modesty Set

Swarovski Modesty Set

The Swarovski Modesty Set is a rhodium plated necklace and earrings set. The necklace has a bow, set with clear crystal pave, and a Siam crystal cube. The matching earrings are set with a single Siam crystal cube. The earrings are for pierced ears only.

The Siam crystals represent gift boxes and the Modesty Set is full of festive elegance and charm. These are a piece that will perfectly go together with that high or low V neck dress or top and really do add a lovely touch of not too overstated elegance. These are also a perfect gift as not being too large they will always fit well.

Size: 38/1.7 x 2 x 0.6 cm

Style No: 1062637

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Impression Set

Swarovski Impression Set

The Swarovski Impression Set includes a rhodium plated necklace and earrings, both with a long drop set with clear chaton crystals in a bezel setting.

The matching earrings have long drop crystals, but the drops can be removed leaving crystal stud earrings for an entirely different look. These earrings are for pierced ears only.

The Impression Set is an impressive random cascade of clear Swarovski crystals in rhodium plated settings that would look as great with v-necked t-shirts as they would full length ball gowns. The Impression Set -because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Size: 38/6.6 cm

Style No: 831887

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovksi Gisele Red Pendant and Earrings Set

Swarovski Gisele Red Necklace and Earrings Set

The Swarovski Gisele Red Set consists of a beautiful y-shaped ruthenium plated necklace set with red and clear Swarovski crystals to stunning effect, and a pair of matching red crystal stud earrings (for pierced ears).

Complete the look with Athena dark red flash ring and the Intervalle thin red bangle, also from Swarovski.

The contrast between the red and clear crystals in this jewellery piece, together with the apparent random layout of the stones within the setting, is truly stunning. For some reason it makes me think of Snow White, perhaps it’s the thought of Snow White’s pale skin, contrasting with the red skin from the apple she consumed.

Size: 38 /1 cm

Style No: 1017200

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Circle Pendant and Earring Set

Swarovski Circle Pendant and Earrings Set

The Swarovski Circle Set consists of a pair of circular earrings set with clear crystal pavé and a matching circular pendant. The set is rhodium plated. The Circle pendant and earrings can be purchased separately if preferred.

Complete the look with the matching Circle Bracelet.

Note that the earrings are for pierced ears only.

There is something magical about a circle. The perfect symmetry, the smooth curve, the infinite symmetry. The Swarovski Circle set captures not just one circle, but also a second, and embeds it with tiny Swarovski crystals to mesmerising effect. This piece adds definition to your neckline and goes beautifully with low cut tops and v-necks.

Size: 38 /2.5 x 2 cm

Style No: 1044443

Swarovski Heart Set

Swarovski Heart Set

The Swarovski Heart Set consists of one heart shaped pendant with two looks – one side is fully embellished with white crystals, and the other side has a scattering of coloured crystals – together with a set of stud crystal earrings for pierced ears.

Size: 40/1.2cm  x 1.1 cm

It’s almost like two necklaces for the price of one with this set, with the reversable heart for two different looks. You can even swap sides half way through a night out if you want to, just to confuse your friends – or see if they are paying attention!

Worldwide delivery is available.