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Swarovski Charming Mo Limited Edition 2011

Swarovski Charming Mo

Swarovski’s Sunshine Mo is a wonderful crystal cow designed by Edith Mair. A limited edition to celebrate five years of The Lovlots, Charming Mo is only available during 2011.  She has a red crystal body and has crystal satin horns with jet hermatite eyes. She is wearing a necklace with a crystal heart, and the necklace can be removed over the cow’s head if so desired. The cow is also embellished with a heart pattern on her side.

This figurine is medium sized, measuring 9.3cm by 9cm.

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Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Belle Mo

Swarovski Belle MoOther similar crystal cow figurines include the Swarovski Belle Mo, a charming blue cow the same size as the Charming Mo, made from lavender crystal with a pretty flower design on her side. Her horns are made from sapphire crystal and the eyes are made from jet crystal. Belle Mo has a white opal crystal bell to her neck.

Swarovski Missy MoSwarovski Missy Mo

If you would like a small figurine cow to add to your collection, why not have a look at the Swarovski Missy Mo, pictured right. This figurine measures 4.6cm by 4.5cm and is made from clear crystal. She has a bell around her neck and jet hermatite eyes.

Also check out the Limited Edition Swarovski Sunshine Mo, a charming yellow cow which is exclusively available online.


Daisy Jewellery Chakra

Daisy Jewellery Chakra Bracelets

The word “Chakra” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” and it can be seen that all the Chakras above are circular – like wheels, although sometimes they are depicted as flowers.

The Chakra above, top row left to right, then bottom row, left to right, are:

  1. The Crown Chakra (lilac)
    The Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara, meaning 1000 petalled lotus, is considered to be the chakra of consciousness and intelligence.
  2. The Heart Chakra (green)
    The Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata, Anahata-puri or Padma-sundara, governs health and unconditional love.
  3. The Throat Chakra (blue)
    The Throat Chakra, also known as Vishuddha (or Vishuddhi) relates to good communication, independence and security and is a parallel of the thyroid gland which is responsible for growth and maturity.
  4. The Sacral Chakra (orange)
    The Sacral Chakra, also known as Swadhisthana, Svadisthana or Adhishthana, has the symbol of a white lotus within a crescent moon with six orange petals. It is related to sexuality, the function of the reproductive system and the key issues which it involves are relationships, emotion, creativity and pleasure.
  5. The Base Chakra (red)
    The Base Chakra, also known as Muladhara or Root Chakra, has the symbol of a square with four red petals. It is related to instinct, survival and security.
  6. The Brow Chakra (purple)
    The Brow Chakra, also known as Ajna, has the symbol of a lotus with two petals. It is related to intuition, visual perception and sleep patterns.
  7. Solar Plexus ChakraThe Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)
    The Solar Plexus Chakra (shown right), also known as Manipura or Manipuraka,  has the symbol of a downward pointing triange with ten petals. It is related to the working of the digestive system, personal power and spiritual growth.

Chakras are believed to be centres of energy and focal points for the reception and transmission of energy, and the seven chakras above are the seven best known chakras in the Western World. Wearing them is said to target positive energy to improve the qualities to which they relate. These Chakra are designed to be worn around the wrist and are fully adjustable. You can also wear more than one at once.

Chakras are the being worn by celebrities, and both Cheryl Cole and Sienna Miller have been snapped wearing Daisy Jewellery Chakras. Cheryl Cole wore the Heart Chakra – see the photo below.

Composition: Gold plated sterling silver on a silk thread

UK based, worldwide delivery is available.

Cheryl Cole wearing the Heart Chakra from Daisy Jewellery

Swarovski Lala Necklace and Earrings

Swarovski Lala Necklace and Earrings

The Swarovski Lala Necklace is a rhodium plated necklace set with a combination of clear crystal pave hearts and Siam red crystals in a bezel setting. The red and clear crystals compliment each other beautifully, creating a stunning necklace that would be fantastic to wear at a black tie or red carpet occasion.

The matching earrings, available for purchase separately, are set with a single large heart shaped Siam red crystal in a heart shaped bezel setting. They are rhodium plated and are for pierced ears only.

Size: 38/2 x 3 cm (necklace); 0.7cm (earrings)

Style No: 1062666 (necklace); 1051153 (earrings)

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Eros Heart Pendant

Swarovski Eros Heart Pendant

The Swarovski Eros Pendant is an asymmetrical heart shaped pendant set with vibrant red Siam crystals. The chain is ruthenium plated.

This is a great looking piece and that slightly angled setting gives this a different look to to the usual heart shaped pendant. In the sunlight or under artificial lights the many Siam crystals reflect colours and sparkle perfectly. The chain beautifully offsets the heart in a show of understated beauty.

Complete the look with the Athena dark red flash ring, or the Lala earrings for pierced ears.

Size: 38 / 1 x 1 cm

Style No: 1062596

Worldwide delivery is available.

Mawi Skull Earrings

Mawi Skull Earrings with Teardrops in Red or Blue

These Mawi Skull Earrings are teardrop earrings which feature crystals, faux pearls and the signature Mawi silver-tone skull settings.

These earrings are for pierced ears only and have a hook with a hinged clasp.

Size: 7cm / 2.75″ drop

Style note: These earrings are the perfect statement jewellery to team with your little black dress or bandeau dress when it’s party time.

Worldwide delivery is available.

Mawi Skull Earrings Blue

Swarovksi Gisele Red Pendant and Earrings Set

Swarovski Gisele Red Necklace and Earrings Set

The Swarovski Gisele Red Set consists of a beautiful y-shaped ruthenium plated necklace set with red and clear Swarovski crystals to stunning effect, and a pair of matching red crystal stud earrings (for pierced ears).

Complete the look with Athena dark red flash ring and the Intervalle thin red bangle, also from Swarovski.

The contrast between the red and clear crystals in this jewellery piece, together with the apparent random layout of the stones within the setting, is truly stunning. For some reason it makes me think of Snow White, perhaps it’s the thought of Snow White’s pale skin, contrasting with the red skin from the apple she consumed.

Size: 38 /1 cm

Style No: 1017200

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Lagoon Indian Pink Necklace

Swarovski Lagoon Indian Pink Necklace

The Swarovski Lagoon Indian Pink Necklace is a pretty necklace with cascading crystals in shades of pink, red and white. In a rhodium plated setting, the crystals are multi faceted and briolette cut to create a beautiful silhouette.

Matching items also available include the Chic Multi Red Ring and the Lagoon Indian Pink Earrings, for pierced ears only.

This pretty necklace is a cascade of red, pink and clear tear drop crystals on a fine chain. It sparkles in the light and draws attention to the neckline and decolletage in the best possible way. Framed by a dark, v-neck dress, this necklace will look absolutely stunning.

Size: 38/4 x 3 cm

Style No: 1054608

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Red Heart Pendant

Swarovski Red Heart Pendant

The Swarovski Red Heart Pendant is one of  Swarovski’s most enduring designs, and now this beautiful heart shaped Bordeaux coloured crystal is available on a gold plated chain. A delightfully romantic gift to give – and receive.

Matching items also available include the Galet Earrings for pierced ears, the Parallele Earrings for pierced ears and the gorgeous Gemma Bordeaux ring.

What gift could surpass a red crystal heart for the woman that you love, be it Christmas, her birthday or Valentine’s day? This beautiful red Swarovski crystal heart is timeless in its beauty and elegance, and is a gift that would be treasured forever.

Size: 38/3 x 2.5 cm

Style No: 1054607

Worldwide delivery is available.

Mawi Teardrop Skull Necklace in red or blue

Mawi Teardrop Skull Necklace in Red or Blue

The Mawi Teardrop Skull Necklace is a bronze chain necklace with teardrop pendants in ruby red or blue and silver coloured skulls. The chain has a push clasp closure, embellished with Swarovski crystal.

Size: 51cm

Style note: Team with denim for daytime looks with attitute, or with an extravagant gown, and this necklace will grace any event from red carpet event to romantic liaison.

This style is exclusive to my-wardrobe.

Worldwide delivery is available.