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Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck

Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck and other Swarovski Ducks

The Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck is new to the Swarovski range of ducks and he would make a great birthday gift for a loved one or a treasured friend. The duck is medium sized – 5.6cm x 4.9cm – and he is a charming green colour – the crystal from which he is made is called Erinite.

Love a duck, he’s wearing a removable necklace. Yes, the Happy Birthday mounted on the Comet Argent Light Crystal beads can be taken off over the duck’s head. Also check out the duck’s turquoise beak and crystal eyes.

Please note though, that none of the ducks are toys and are not intended for children under 15 years old.

Swarovski Ducks

Other ducks in the Swarovski crystal figurines range (pictured above but not to scale) include:

  • The Swarovski Happy Prince Duck, a crystal moonlight duck with jet hermatite eyes and a golden crystal crown with sapphire pearls, which measures 4.4cm x 4.1cm.
  • The Swarovski Happy Princess Duck, a crystal moonlight duck with a rose pink crystal crown with Rose crystal beads, which also measures 4.4cm x 4.1cm.
  • and the Swarovski Sunny Sandy Duck, an all yellow duck – the same colour as the one you would use in the bath, although that isn’t recommended for this little fella. He is embellished with a light topaz beak and jet hermatite eyes. He is smaller than the other ducks measuring just 2.9cm x 2.5cm

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