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Clogau Princess Engagement Ring

Clogau Gold Engagement Rings

Clogau Gold is very rare, and is no longer mined as the cost of getting it out of the ground is too expensive – the gold currently costs in excess of £1000 per ounce.

So Clogau Gold engagement rings contain just a small amount of the pure Welsh Clogau gold, the balance being made up by standard 18ct or 9ct gold. Even so, the remaining Clogau Welsh gold will be used up by 2016, so it is and will remain incredibly rare.. Due to the expense of mining Welsh gold (£1000 / ounce), and its rarity, only a small amount of Welsh gold is included in each wedding ring. Even so, based on current estimates, all the Welsh Gold will be used up by 2016, making it the rarest gold in the world.

UK based, worldwide delivery is available.

The Range

Clogau Gold make a range of engagement rings in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold in both 9ct and 18ct gold. Most are set with diamonds, but the one pictured above right, the Clogau Princess Engagement Ring,  also has a large central sapphire.

This ring is a rendition of Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which is now Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, and contains the same rare Welsh gold as the ring worn by Kate.

This version of the ring has a 3.2 carat deep blue sapphire which is surrounded by 20 sparkling 1 point diamonds and set in a band of 18ct wild gold. This is the first white gold ring to be made by Clogau and has the Clogau Gold and Welsh dragon stamps.

Clogau Gold Make a Wish Engagement RingsOrigin Engagement RingFinally, don’t forget to check out the pretty and unusual Origin Ring. Made from 9ct gold, it features an interpretation of the Tree of Life design, with the filigree setting made from 9ct rose gold, set with a central 0.1 carat diamond with three smaller hand cut diamonds set alongside it (see photo,  right).