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Swarovski Night Time Crystal Collar

Swarovski Night Time Crystal Collar

Swarovski Night Time Crystal Collar

This Swarovski Party Collar is a rhodium plated necklace which features large crystals which graduate from black at the back of the neck to clear crystal at the front centre. They also increase in size towards the centre.

These clear crystals will team with anything – yes, you can wear them with glamouress dresses but a necklace like this also adds a touch of class to open neck blouses and even t-shirts and jeans.

Size: 38cm

Here we have another legendary creation from Swarovski, and the beauty of a clear crystal necklace is that it will go with absolutely anything, and the diamond like sparkle from these crystals is amazing. I like the length of this collar, the way it just sits at the base of your neck in a perfect position.

Of course, your ears can be dresses with the matching Swarovski Night Time Crystal Earrings and your wrist would look good with the clear crystal Citra sphere watch.

Swarovski Night Time Crystal Collar modelled

Worldwide delivery is available.

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