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Swarovski Mellow Blue Necklace

Swarovski Mellow Blue Necklace

The Swarovski Mellow Blue Necklace is a long, scarf style necklace designed to be worn around the neck, with two long ends that hang down.

At 120 cm in length, this necklace is packed with more than five hundred and fifty Swarovski crystals and pearls, strung together on multiple intertwined strings in graded shades of black and violet all the way to clear.

This is a unique design, and I personally have seen nothing else like it. If you are after the most eye catching and head turning piece of Swarovski jewellery, then you may well have just found it.

Matching items also available to complete the look include the Lightness Earrings (for pierced ears only), the Edith Bangle and the stunning Piazza Swarovski Crystal Watch.

Size: 1.2 m long

Style No: 1068943

Worldwide delivery is available.

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