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Swarovski Laser Golden Long Necklace

Swarovski Laser Golden Long Necklace

The Swarovski Laser Golden Long Necklace is a gold plated necklace set with Swarovski crystals in various shades of white, golden and silver in bezel settings.

There are many matching pieces available to go with this necklace, including the Laser Golden Rings, the Laser Golden Bracelet and the Laser Golden Earrings for pierced ears.

One of the nice things about golden Swarovski crystals is that they add a certain warmth to both your outfit and your complexion, bestowing a golden aura to your neckline. The effect is subtle yet magical.

Size: 70 cm

Style No: 1065744

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Laser Golden Earrings, ring and bracelet

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