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Swarovski Chic Purple Blue Ring

Swarovski Chic Purple Blue Ring

The Swarovski Chic Purple Blue Ring is one of Swarovski’s best selling designs this season, and it’s easy to see why. This chunky ring is lavishly encrusted in crystals which graduate from pink, through to ¬†purple, through to indigo, through to turquoise creating a really striking and eye catching effect.

In addition, the crystals are differently sized, creating an impression of randomness, a technique used frequently by Swarovski to create their very own unique designs.

This ring, in a silver coloured rhodium plated setting, is available in 4 different sizes and Swarovski even give you instructions on how to get your correct ring size so you can’t go wrong.

This is an interestingly coloured and styled ring from Swarovski, part of their popular 2011 “Wings of Fantasy” collection. The crystals used are the same colours as those in Swarovski’s Panache Collection – the necklace, long necklace, earrings and bracelet all team really well with this ring.

This cocktail ring teams well with outfits in dark colours such as purple and burgundy and also pale pastel colours such as pink, nude and aqua.

Worldwide delivery is available.

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