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Lalique Fuchsia Heart Pendant

Lalique Fuchsia Heart Pendant

Lalique Fuchsia Heart Pendant

What better way to tell your partner, girlfriend or daughter that you love her than with this superbly large Lalique Fuchsia Heart Pendant, which is made from Lalique crystal and mounted on a silver setting. This is one big heart, and it measures 4cm / 1.6″ x 3.5cm / 1.4″.

The fuchsia colour is eyecatching and it would go well with printed floral fabrics and contrast well against darker colours such as navy and black. I’m a big fan of heart pendants, and when I wear mine I invariably receive compliments and remarks such as “Ooh, that’s a nice pendant, where did you get it?” So now, of course, you know.

This isn’t just any crystal heart though, it’s made by Lalique, a French company whose antique designs are highly collectable and highly valued.

The heart is a universally accepted as a symbol of love. This is because the heart is at the centre of our being and in days gone by it was believed to be responsible for our love and emotions. Although we now know that this isn’t the case, the heart remains inextricably linked to our emotions, and this idea is reinforced with love songs such as Heart of Glass, Anyone Who Had a Heart and Achy Breaky Heart, to name but a few.

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