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Swarovski Stone Pendant Swarovski Stone Pendant

Swarovski Stone Pendant

The Swarovski Stone Pendant is a large round  (3.6cm diameter) pendant, set with clear crystal pavé and featuring a circular hole within. Plated in rhodium, the pendant is set on a chain. Note that the reverse of the pendant is smoothly polished rhodium plated metal, so the necklace can be worn either way round for two completely different looks.

Chic and elegant, you will enjoy wearing this pendant around your neck and touching it reassuringly with your hands. With a modern style and sparkling symmetry, this pendant would add life and sparkle to any low cut neckline with the bonus that it is reversible.

Complete the look by teaming it with other jewellery items from the Stone range, such as the Stone Bangle, the Stone Wide Bangle and the Stone Ring. If you are thinking of a watch rather than a bracelet, check out the Swarovski Crystalline Watch in white – this watch has a stainless steel case filled with about 800 clear crystals to stunning effect.

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Sensation Pendant and Earring Set Swarovski Sensation Pendant and Earring Set

Swarovski Sensation Pendant and Earring Set

This set comprises a gold plated pendant and matching earrings. The pendant and earrings are pear shaped, set with a large clear pare shaped crystal and surrounded by clear crystal pavé. There is also a larger clear round crystal at the top of the earrings, and the pendant is attached via a crystal and pavé embellished link.

Ideal for any occasion, I don’t think there is anything that wouldn’t go well with a gold and crystal necklace. Certainly, it’s perfect for teaming with a little black dress when it’s party time, but it also looks good with smart daywear as well, and would be great to wear for a summer wedding or race day.

Swarovski also have some further accessories to match this set – if you need a watch, then look to the Piazza Gold PVD watch with a crystal mesh strap; if you need a bag, look to the Signature Power Evening Bag, a handheld clutch with an outer made from Golden Shadow crystal mesh and if you need a bracelet, look to the Ready Bangle, which is gold plated and embellished with clear sparkling crystals.

Worldwide delivery is available.