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Clogau Gold Wedding Ring

Clogau Gold Wedding Rings

Clogau Gold sell a range of wedding rings to suit all tastes and budgets. Due to the expense of mining Welsh gold (£1000 / ounce), and its rarity, only a small amount of Welsh gold is included in each wedding ring. Even so, based on current estimates, all the Welsh Gold will be used up by 2016, making it the rarest gold in the world.

The Range

Clogau Gold make a range of wedding rings in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. There are the traditional gold bands and wishbone rings, together with more contemporary and unusual designs including, at the time of writing, a yellow and rose gold tree of life wedding ring, a 9ct yellow, rose, white gold and diamond Windsor Russian wedding ring and a silver and rose gold ivy leaf wedding ring.

Clogau Gold Wedding Rings in yellow, white and rose gold

UK based, worldwide delivery is available.

By Royal Appointment

Clogau Gold Wedding Rings are made by royal appointment. Did you know, that since 1923, the royal family have been wearing wedding rings made from single gold nugget that was extracted from the Clogau Gold Mine?

The tradition started with the Queen Mother, upon her marriage to King George VI. The Queen followed her mother’s newly started tradition, and had a ring made for herself from the same nugget for her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Other royals who have followed this tradition include Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Camilla and the newly married Kate Middleton. Yes I know she’s the Duchess of Cambridge now, but we all still think of her as Kate Middleton, don’t we? Prince William has chosen not to wear a wedding ring himself. However, there is only a tiny amount – one gram – of the original nugget left.

Astley Clarke Engagement Rings

Astley Clarke Engagement Rings

Astley Clarke Engagement Rings breathe a breath of fresh air into the world of engagement rings. Whilst tradition may dictate that your engagement ring is set with a diamond, Astley Clarke has no such dictats. They sell engagement rings set with a wide range of gemstones in some unique and contemporary designs.

You can now choose an engagement ring that is full of colour and charm to accurately reflect your personality. Nevertheless, all the designs are beautifully designed with elegance enduring enough to make them heirloom pieces.

The Range

Astley Clarke have a wide range of engagement rings set with a range of stones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, opals, paraibas, brown diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmalines, purple sapphires, black diamonds, moonstones, citrines, topaz, tanzanite, amethyst, emeralds and aquamarines.

There are more than fifty different engagement rings to choose from, all of which have been individually designed and styled, so I’m just going to pick out a few of my favourites.

Astley Clarke Paraiba Arma Engagement RingAstley Clarke Paraiba Arma Engagement Ring

The Astley Clarke Paraibe Arma Engagement Ring is an 18ct yellow gold ring set with a large cabochon Paraiba tourmaline, surrounded with a ring of white diamonds. This ring was designed by Anne Sportun. The face of the ring measures 1.2cm and it is available exclusively in the UK from Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke Large Naiya Ball RingAstley Clarke Large Naiya Ball Engagement Ring

This ring was designed by Astley Clarke Takara, and it consists of a sphere of rose gold and pink sapphire pavé, which measures 9mm across. The sphere sits 1.1 cm pround of the band.

Astley Clarke Ruby Poison RingAstley Clarke Ruby Poison Engagement Ring

This ring was designed by Shaune Leane Fine, who is celebrated for his dark romanticism and pushing the boundaries of jewellery design. This particular creation consists of a pavé ruby heart locket set in rhodium, encased by thorns in  18ct white gold. This is an iconic design, and Shaune Leane Fine was named at the UK Jewellery Designer of the Year in 2009.

Astley Clarke Aphrodite Engagement RingAprodite Ring

This romance inspired ring consists of a white topaz surrounded by diamonds set in 18ct gold. It was designed by Kiki McDonough who is based in London. The heart measures 1.1cm by 1.1cm and sits 6mm proud of the band. The diamonds continue down the shoulders of the ring and look stunning together with the white topaz. This design is available exclusively online from Astley Clarke.

Astley Clarke Iris Belama RingIris Belama Ring

This is a ring which was designed in house by AC Tearoom exclusively for Astley Clarke. It consists of a huge amethyst surrounded by diamonds, and the diamonds are set into the band too, all in an 18 ct yellow gold setting. This ring is fun and you really feel like you’re dressed up when you wear it. It’s definitely a conversation starter and designed to be enjoyed.

Worldwide delivery is available.


Swarovski Charming Mo Limited Edition 2011

Swarovski Charming Mo

Swarovski’s Sunshine Mo is a wonderful crystal cow designed by Edith Mair. A limited edition to celebrate five years of The Lovlots, Charming Mo is only available during 2011.  She has a red crystal body and has crystal satin horns with jet hermatite eyes. She is wearing a necklace with a crystal heart, and the necklace can be removed over the cow’s head if so desired. The cow is also embellished with a heart pattern on her side.

This figurine is medium sized, measuring 9.3cm by 9cm.

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Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Belle Mo

Swarovski Belle MoOther similar crystal cow figurines include the Swarovski Belle Mo, a charming blue cow the same size as the Charming Mo, made from lavender crystal with a pretty flower design on her side. Her horns are made from sapphire crystal and the eyes are made from jet crystal. Belle Mo has a white opal crystal bell to her neck.

Swarovski Missy MoSwarovski Missy Mo

If you would like a small figurine cow to add to your collection, why not have a look at the Swarovski Missy Mo, pictured right. This figurine measures 4.6cm by 4.5cm and is made from clear crystal. She has a bell around her neck and jet hermatite eyes.

Also check out the Limited Edition Swarovski Sunshine Mo, a charming yellow cow which is exclusively available online.


Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck

Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck and other Swarovski Ducks

The Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck is new to the Swarovski range of ducks and he would make a great birthday gift for a loved one or a treasured friend. The duck is medium sized – 5.6cm x 4.9cm – and he is a charming green colour – the crystal from which he is made is called Erinite.

Love a duck, he’s wearing a removable necklace. Yes, the Happy Birthday mounted on the Comet Argent Light Crystal beads can be taken off over the duck’s head. Also check out the duck’s turquoise beak and crystal eyes.

Please note though, that none of the ducks are toys and are not intended for children under 15 years old.

Swarovski Ducks

Other ducks in the Swarovski crystal figurines range (pictured above but not to scale) include:

  • The Swarovski Happy Prince Duck, a crystal moonlight duck with jet hermatite eyes and a golden crystal crown with sapphire pearls, which measures 4.4cm x 4.1cm.
  • The Swarovski Happy Princess Duck, a crystal moonlight duck with a rose pink crystal crown with Rose crystal beads, which also measures 4.4cm x 4.1cm.
  • and the Swarovski Sunny Sandy Duck, an all yellow duck – the same colour as the one you would use in the bath, although that isn’t recommended for this little fella. He is embellished with a light topaz beak and jet hermatite eyes. He is smaller than the other ducks measuring just 2.9cm x 2.5cm

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Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Wings of Poetry Summer Collection 2011

Swarovski Naturally NecklaceSwarovski Wings of Poetry Summer Collection 2011

The Swarovski Wings of Poetry Summer Collection for 2011 is a range of jewellery inspired by the butterflies, bees and flowers that we see all around us in the summertime.

Key pieces include the butterfly wing inspired Naturally Necklace and matching Naturally Brooch, which have an ornate filligree design which is gold plated and set with crystal pavé.

Other items in the range include the Noisette ring, which is gold plated and acts as a perch to a crystal embellished snail and butterfly, in shimmering pastel colours. Other items in the Noisette range include the Noisette Pansy Earrings – for pierced ears only – the Noisetter Purple Berry Bracelet, the Noisette multi long necklace and the Noisette Snail Long Necklace.

Also check out the pretty charms and charm bracelets (Swarovski have called them “Charmed Bracelet”, which are available in gold plated or rhodium plated options, together with gold plated or rhodium plated charms which can be purchased separately. A few of the charms available include a banana, a bee, a flower, an octopus, a blueberry (with a face) and a bitten apple, but there are many, many more to choose from.

Worldwide delivery is available.