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Swarovski Alina

Swarovski Alina

Swarovski Alina Angel

The Swarovski Alina Angel is a collectible angel figurine made from fine porcelain and exquisite Swarovski crystal. The  face, arms and upper torso are made from porcelain, whilst the  body are constructed from brilliant clear crystal and the wings from Moonlight crystal.

Alina is wearing is wearing a rosary with clear crystal, golden crystal and a golden crystal star.

Size: 5.3cm / 2 1/16″  x 12.3cm /  4 7/8″

If a friend or loved one needs an angel to watch over them, what finer gift could be imagined than the Swarovski Alina, an outstandingly beautiful figurine and a harmonious blend of crystal and fine porcelain. Her face is expressive and calm. She will spread not only peace through a home, but also add a dash of glamour to the festive decorations.

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Adrienne Angel

Swarovski Adrienne Angel

The Swarovski Adrienne Angel is a refined and sophisticated figurine, with face, arms and upper chest made from glaze porcelain and wings and body made from sparkling brilliant clear crystal.

You can bless your home or work space all year round with this soothing and magical piece.

Size: 5cm  x19.2cm

Whilst the angel is a traditional symbol of Christman, Adrienne has year round appeal. She is a contemporary intepretation of an angle, she has  no halo but wears an asymmetrical bandeau evening dress made of sparkling clear crystal.

Traditionally, angels are thought to be guardian angels and it is said that everybody has one. This angel is a beautiful stand alone figurine and will bring you comfort as she watches over you. She would also make a great gift for someone who lives on their own, to know that they are being watched over and are not alone.

Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Disney Lady and The Tramp - Lady

Swarovski Disney Lady and The Tramp - Lady

Swarovski Disney Lady and The Tramp

The Swarovski Disney Lady and the Tramp figurines from the film of the same name are a joy to behold, and delightful for both collectors of Swarovski figurines, and fans of this perennial Disney animation.


Lady, pictured left, is made from sparkling golden shadow crystal and features smoked Topaz crystal eyes.

She wears a teal green collar, made from indicolite crystal, with a dog tag in Light Colarado Topaz.

It measures 5 x 5.8cm

Swarovski Disney Lady and The Tramp - Tramp

Swarovski Disney Lady and The Tramp - Tramp

The Tramp

Lady, pictured left, is made from gleaming Lavender Satin crystal. He wears a burgundy crystal collar which features a diamond shape dog tag in Light Colorado Topaz Crystal.

Tramp is the perfect partner for Lady above.

Size: 6.6 x 8.3cm

This is a fabulous piece of crystal with which to embellished your surroundings. Standing magnificently on his plinth, the horse is positive and powerful, filling your space with positive energy.

The original Lady and the Tramp Movie was made in 1955, and is a romantic story about an uptown Cocker Spaniel – Lady and a downtown mongrel – Mutt. The sequel, Lady and the Tramp 2, made in 2001, is the story of their son, Scamp, who runs away to join a gang of dogs.

Danielle, Scamp and a Lady & The Tramp Title plaque are also available.
There is free UK delivery on these items.


Swarovski Charming Mo Limited Edition 2011

Swarovski Charming Mo

Swarovski’s Sunshine Mo is a wonderful crystal cow designed by Edith Mair. A limited edition to celebrate five years of The Lovlots, Charming Mo is only available during 2011.  She has a red crystal body and has crystal satin horns with jet hermatite eyes. She is wearing a necklace with a crystal heart, and the necklace can be removed over the cow’s head if so desired. The cow is also embellished with a heart pattern on her side.

This figurine is medium sized, measuring 9.3cm by 9cm.

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Worldwide delivery is available.

Swarovski Belle Mo

Swarovski Belle MoOther similar crystal cow figurines include the Swarovski Belle Mo, a charming blue cow the same size as the Charming Mo, made from lavender crystal with a pretty flower design on her side. Her horns are made from sapphire crystal and the eyes are made from jet crystal. Belle Mo has a white opal crystal bell to her neck.

Swarovski Missy MoSwarovski Missy Mo

If you would like a small figurine cow to add to your collection, why not have a look at the Swarovski Missy Mo, pictured right. This figurine measures 4.6cm by 4.5cm and is made from clear crystal. She has a bell around her neck and jet hermatite eyes.

Also check out the Limited Edition Swarovski Sunshine Mo, a charming yellow cow which is exclusively available online.


Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck

Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck and other Swarovski Ducks

The Swarovski Happy Birthday Duck is new to the Swarovski range of ducks and he would make a great birthday gift for a loved one or a treasured friend. The duck is medium sized – 5.6cm x 4.9cm – and he is a charming green colour – the crystal from which he is made is called Erinite.

Love a duck, he’s wearing a removable necklace. Yes, the Happy Birthday mounted on the Comet Argent Light Crystal beads can be taken off over the duck’s head. Also check out the duck’s turquoise beak and crystal eyes.

Please note though, that none of the ducks are toys and are not intended for children under 15 years old.

Swarovski Ducks

Other ducks in the Swarovski crystal figurines range (pictured above but not to scale) include:

  • The Swarovski Happy Prince Duck, a crystal moonlight duck with jet hermatite eyes and a golden crystal crown with sapphire pearls, which measures 4.4cm x 4.1cm.
  • The Swarovski Happy Princess Duck, a crystal moonlight duck with a rose pink crystal crown with Rose crystal beads, which also measures 4.4cm x 4.1cm.
  • and the Swarovski Sunny Sandy Duck, an all yellow duck – the same colour as the one you would use in the bath, although that isn’t recommended for this little fella. He is embellished with a light topaz beak and jet hermatite eyes. He is smaller than the other ducks measuring just 2.9cm x 2.5cm

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Worldwide delivery is available.